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Volley Strong Schedule

Saturday Sep 9th @9-10am for all athletes 12 and under



Sunday Sep 10th @10:30-11:30am for all athletes 12 and under


60 minute Volley Strong classes are an introduction to Agility and Strength for 10-12 year old athletes. During these classes we start with a warm up followed by testing of vertical jump, broad jump, or 10 yard sprint. The athletes will then complete a power circuit/relay race/introduction to weight lifting designed specifically for their age. Some classes will be strictly in the weight room for 60 minutes while others will be a hybrid of 30 minutes of agility and strength paired with 30 minutes on court volleyball skills and training.

We will be continuing our Volley Strong Classes this fall! We will be releasing some new class dates and can't wait to have more of you join us! It will be a special opportunity for our younger teams to join in on a 60 minute Agility and Strength class catered to their age.

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